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The petrochemical industry provides many of the products essential to daily life, including adhesives, cosmetics, paints, plastics, and fertilizers. Because almost all industries are affected in one way or another by these products, petrochemicals are an extremely important and valuable aspect of today’s economy. Petrochemical companies face diverse challenges ranging from commoditization of products to the constant emergence of new competitors and changes in technology.

In order to navigate the testing demands of today’s marketplace, petrochemical companies require trusted professionals with expertise in vital aspects of the industry including market demand, ownership models, operations, and the valuation process. The experts at HSSK have proven time and time again that we can provide the best valuation services in Texas. HSSK has over 40 years of experience providing petrochemical companies with superior business valuation services for company assets, partnership agreements, and debt/equity characterization. With HSSK you’re not only getting a professional but a trusted partner that will go above and beyond for your company.

Applicable Services

HSSK regularly provides the following services to companies in the Petrochemical Industry:

  • Business Valuation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Financial Reporting
  • Solvency and Fairness Opinions
  • Financial Restructuring

Representative Engagements

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  • Business Valuation

  • Litigation Consulting

  • Financial Restructuring