HSSK Org Change ImageMoves Solidify HSSK’s Leadership Team and Position the Firm for Continued Growth in the Coming Decades

HSSK is pleased to announce several key organizational changes as part of the firm’s plan for long-term growth and leadership succession. The first installment in a series of key organizational changes includes the following:

  • Mike Hill Jr., who joined HSSK in 1996 and has served as chairman since 2015, will assume the role of managing principal in addition to chairman responsibilities.
  • Jared Jordan, who joined HSSK in 2013 to open the Austin office, will continue to lead the office while also assuming firm-wide leadership of HSSK’s Dispute Advisory and Forensics practice. Under his leadership, the Austin office has grown to become a vital part of the firm’s presence in Texas.
  • Curt Germany Jr., who joined HSSK in 2016 and has been instrumental in achieving record growth in the Dallas office, will formally take the lead role for the Dallas office and coordinate HSSK's marketing activities.
  • Jared Jordan and Curt Germany Jr. will serve as advisers to the Management Committee.
  • Helga Zauner, who joined HSSK in 2008 and has served as a director in the Houston office’s Dispute Advisory and Forensics practice, will take the lead role for the Dispute Advisory & Forensics practice in Houston.

Mike Hill Sr., one of HSSK’s founding partners, shared his enthusiasm for the future of the firm he led and helped build through the last four decades.

"As we reflect on the many milestones and accomplishments we’ve celebrated over the years, we also recognize the many challenges we’ve faced along the way. We’ve seen bull markets and bear markets, bubbles and crashes, and the emergence and demise of entire industries," he said. "Through it all, the common thread that has sustained HSSK is its talented and dedicated people."

Through the team’s collective efforts, he added, HSSK is as strong and diverse as ever, and well-positioned to continue to thrive and evolve beyond the individual tenures of any individual team member.

"Looking forward now, we believe these organizational changes will solidify the leadership of the firm overall, each of our practice areas, as well as each of our offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin and New Orleans."

Mike Hill Jr. spoke for the entire leadership group of HSSK in stating he looks forward to all the future holds for HSSK.

"We are as optimistic as ever about the future of the firm and are confident that the team of dedicated professionals we have in place now across all offices and all practice areas is a great platform for continued success and future growth," he said.