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  • The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

    The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey: Business Interruption After a Natural Disaster

    There are many considerations to take after a region is affected by a natural disaster. The chief considerations are life preservation, then incident stabilization, then claim and property conservation and, finally, a return to normal operations. In the following white paper, HSSK hopes to inform our clients about some considerations related to… Read More
  • Intangible Economic Damages: Leveraging Methods of Proof, Valuation Techniques and Use of Experts

    Allegations of economic damages related to intangible assets are becoming increasingly common in civil lawsuits. These types of damages are difficult to prove or defend and are difficult to quantify, adding to the need for litigators to become proficient in developing techniques to address the complexities. Jared Jordan and Cindy Carradine,… Read More
  • Regression Analysis in Residential Real Estate Litigation

    Presented by Jeffrey (Jeff) W. Spilker, JD, CPA/ABV & Helga Zauner, CFE, MBA on 8/6/2014. Presented at the National Appraisal Institute Annual Meeting, the presentation covers the following: Litigation Simple Regression Multiple Regression Binary Variables Examples of regression used in real estate litigation For more information on the… Read More
  • Cramdown Rate Calculation

    By Christopher J. Kelly, CFE The recent economic environment has generated a significant number of single-asset real estate cases in the bankruptcy courts. In order for a debtor to achieve a confirmed plan, one of the items the court must decide is the interest rate that the debtor will pay on its secured obligation. When the court approves the… Read More
  • Intangible Assets & Intellectual Property

    By J. David Smith, ASA, CFA Intangible assets have continually grown in their importance as a driver of value in businesses, in particular over the past thirty years. In the 1980s large, publicly-traded company values were generally not much greater than the value of their tangible assets while today, the portion of such companies’ value… Read More
  • Business Valuation: Methods, Process and Concepts (& Terminological Ambiguity)

    Presented by David Smith, ASA, CFA on 6/5/2014. Presented to the Houston Bar Association, the presentation covers the following: Business Valuation Methods Business Valuation Process Business Valuation Concepts "Terminological Ambiguity" For more information on the presentation / business valuation, please contact: David Smith, ASA, CFA Read More
  • 2014 Bisnow Healthcare Summit

    Marc Schwartz, one of the leaders of HSSK’s team of experts, recently attended the Bisnow Healthcare Summit. Below are his initial thoughts following the event. “Tuesday I attended the Bisnow Healthcare Summit and learned some interesting facts that could impact the valuation and economics of some segments of the healthcare industry in the next… Read More
  • Lost Profits in Construction Litigation: Proving & Defending Damages

    Presented by Jeffrey (Jeff) W. Spilker, JD, CPA/ABV & Jared C. Jordan, CFE on 5/15/2014. Presented to Austin Bar Association, Construction Law Section, the presentation cover the following topics: Lost Profits Damages – Overview Evidence & Documentation – What do You Need? Quantification of Lost Profits – Methods & Issues Defending Against Lost… Read More
  • Proving and Defending Lost Profit and Business Interruption Damages

    The business interruption and lost profit claim can be overwhelming in detail, scope and complexity. By definition, proving the amount of profits lost requires you to prove with reasonable certainty something that never happened. Understand the various methods for calculating lost profits and identify the factors that should be taken into… Read More
  • Introduction to Business Valuation

    Presented by David Smith, ASA, CFA & David S. Butler, Jr. ASA, CPA on 4/25/2014. Presented to the Houston CPA Society, the presentation covers the following: Business Valuation Profession Overview Business Valuation Methods Business Valuation Process Business Valuation Concepts For more information on the presentation / business valuation, please… Read More
  • Attrition Analysis—It’s More Than You May Think

    By David Smith, ASA, CFA Long gone are the days of old when a simple estimate of future attrition could be acceptably based on qualitative factors gleaned from an interview with company management. Attrition analysis – now a near absolute requirement when engaged in purchase price allocation projects that include the appraisal of existing customer… Read More
  • Social Media Networks

    Social Media & Bankruptcy

    By Marc Schwartz, CPA/CFF, CFE* Most of us are now very familiar with the adage, "What goes on the Web, stays on the Web". Stories abound of pictures, stories, videos and any number of other memorializations of youthful indiscretions coming back to haunt people every day. This is particularly true in the bankruptcy setting where our propensity to… Read More
  • Best Practices for Valuations in Financial Reporting, The Appraisal Foundation

    Best Practices for Valuations in Financial Reporting: Intangible Asset Working Group - Contributory Assets Carla G. Glass, CFA, FASAContributor and Task Force Member on Best Practices for Valuations in Financial Reporting, The Appraisal Foundation This document setting forth best practices for The Identification of Contributory Assets and… Read More