Allegations of economic damages related to intangible assets are becoming increasingly common in civil lawsuits. These types of damages are difficult to prove or defend and are difficult to quantify, adding to the need for litigators to become proficient in developing techniques to address the complexities.

Jared Jordan and Cindy Carradine, Managing Directors with HSSK, presented on a national panel with other professionals discussing Intangible Economic Damages: Leveraging Methods of Proof, Valuation Techniques and Use of Experts. The panel discussion covered the following topics:

  • Types of Intangible Economic Assets / Damages
  • Methods for Valuing Economic Damages Related to Intangible Assets
  • Proving, or Defending against, Intangible Economic Damages
  • Use of Expert Witnesses

For more information on the presentation, please contact:

Jared C. Jordan, CFE
Cindy B. Carradine, CPA/CFF